Custom alerts, buttons to send messages

Do you need notifications for custom alerts? Place ID tags anywhere you need and check when they are clocked in real time. This is especially useful for any custom applications you have.

Online Recommended System

Suga Blu Starter Kit

Each “button” is allocated an ID tag which is fixed wherever you need your button to be. These tags are physically clocked with the online unit, this is basically like pressing a button. Alert notifications via email or Telegram will notify you if the “button” is clocked or not clocked within a certain time frame. Proof of button presses is also recorded.Telegram and email notifications are free, unlimited and can be sent to as many people as you choose.

Application Areas

  • Check if someone has reached a certain point, with confirmation
  • Confirmation staff has arrived for duty
  • make it easy for a user to alert / record an event, especially if they are not literate, ie
  • any event that occurs regularly and needs to be recorded
  • lights have been left on
  • gate was not locked
  • supervisor has arrived, etc
  • Is the important machine still working?
  • Are the oil levels of the engine ok?
  • Equipment that is temperature sensitive
  • When was the last time the vehicle was serviced
  • Used as an alert point along the guard route that only gets clocked if the guard is in trouble (held at gunpoint and made to continue patrolling)

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