A basic security monitoring system intrinsically safe certified for use in hazardous environments. Using a patrol baton to clock unique ID points along a specified route to prove that security personnel are completing their patrol. Several report options are available to show proof of presence at a specific place and time.

Tagtough Starter Kit

What’s in the box?

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System Overview

Guards patrol using a Tagtough baton and clock unique ID points set up along their specified patrol route. Clocking data is downloaded onto a computer using the Doc Pro uploader. Reports can then be printed or emailed.

Designed to be easy to use and simple to install, this system is super cost effective. ID points are wireless so that the system does not require the use of a professional installer.

The Tagtough baton is intrinsically safe certified for use in hazardous locations (zone 0), and manufactured to IP69K standard, making it safe and tough, as well as water proof. The unit is also hermetically sealed.

There is no limit to the amount of batons, points or sites used with one system. Additional batons and points can be purchased as needed when your business expands.


  • no additional monthly costs
  • easy to use and simple to install
  • intrinsically safe certified
  • baton casing is manufactured from surgical grade stainless steel
  • baton is manufactured to IP69K standard and is hermetically sealed
  • baton memory capacity is 4,000 clockings
  • baton 4 to 8 year battery life 
  • ID points are waterproof and wireless and does not require batteries
  • unique ID point holder design
  • unlimited batons and points per site
  • unlimited sites per system
  • made in South Africa
  • 24 hour repair turn around time from our workshop

Software is available free of charge on our Downloads page. You can also view the manual for the product here.