Suga Blu online baton with charger

A high tech, real time, live guard monitoring patrol baton used as part of the Suga Blu monitoring system. Factory fitted with a SIM card so that clocking data can be automatically sent to the server. NO DOWNLOADING IS REQUIRED.

System Overview

Used as part of the Suga Blu online monitoring system, guards patrol with the Suga Blu baton and clock unique ID points that have been set up along their patrol route. Clocking data is automatically sent to the server after each clocking or when the baton is within network coverage. NO DOWNLOADING IS REQUIRED. Baton data is available immediately for viewing or downloading from a standard web browser without having to install complicated programs or drivers.

Batons are interchangeable between sites with no limit to the amount of batons that can be used on any one site.


  • monitor guards from anywhere
  • easy to use
  • no software installation or program downloads required
  • baton is manufactured to IP68 standard and hermetically sealed
  • baton memory capacity of 65 clockings
  • up to 10 days battery life
  • SIM card with 12 months free SIM management for South African users
  • SIM card with minimum 6 months free SIM management for international users
  • unlimited batons and points per site
  • manufactured in South Africa
  • works with free phone app
  • rentals available enquire here
  • 24 hour repair turn around time from our workshop

Apart from guard abuse, we offer a standard swap out on all Suga Blu batons at a cost of R750 (exc VAT and delivery) per baton. There is no waiting period for this repair, the unit is swapped out immediately from our service center. This will assist to limit down time on the site.