ID Key Tag

Supplied in packs of 2 for use with all Ithegi monitoring systems. To secure ID points that are used by staff or supervisors and can be fixed to a key ring.

This is included as part of the Tagtough Starter Kit


ID Key  tags mounted with an ID point are exactly the same as the wall mounted points, but movable and can therefore be used by personnel, e.g. supervisors or on assets.

Used by supervisors when arriving and leaving a site or to identify when a guard starts and ends his patrol or shift. The ID point can be clocked either directly onto the Tagtough baton, Mini Rock baton or Suga Blu baton, or tagged directly onto the Express Online unit if you are using one.

There is no limit to the amount of user points that is used with any of our systems.


  • robust and durable
  • waterproof
  • wireless
  • no batteries required
  • cost effective
  • can be fixed to objects for assets management